Technology Test Kitchen Cookbook

At the ATI 2016 we introduced the Technology Test Kitchen where 7 "chefs" presented a different technology in an open, interactive hands-on approach giving the ATI participants the opportunity to explore different technologies that they might incorporate into their open education project and/or their classes.

Each of the chefs created a "recipe" which include details and resources for using the technology they presented.  We compiled all those recipes into the ATI 2016 Test Kitchen Cookbook which you can download and share. 

The table of contents of the recipes include:

  • TouchCast Studio for green screen video recording (Master Chef:  Karen Cangialosi)
  • Twitter as a communication channel between your class as well as professional community of practice (Master Chef: Steve Covello)
  • eBook authoring (Master Chef: Elizabeth Dalton)
  • Blogging & RSS feeds (Master Chef: Julie Moser)
  • Creative Commons plugin for MS Office (Master Chef: Michael Nieckoski)
  • Hypothesis, web markup tool that permist annotating web pages (Master Chef:  Scott Robison)
  • Kaltura Quiz-in-Video feature (Kaltura=streaming media server) (Master Chef: Dena Shields)