TouchCast Studio

By Karen Cangialosi

Using Touchcast to Create Video Presentations with Green Screen

Making lecture or presentation videos that are fun and interesting may motivate students to watch them. Additionally, assigning students to make a Touchcast video is a more dynamic assignment than the traditional PowerPoint presentation. Having yourself or your students appear in videos personalizes it much more than just a voice over, PowerPoint, or a head shot within Camtasia or other screen recorder.

With Touchcast, you can create interesting videos of yourself teaching with creative backgrounds. This iPad app is free and relatively simple to use once you have set up a makeshift low tech ‘studio.’ Write on your embedded PowerPoint slides, write on a smart board or over images, present short video clips within your video, embed other apps within the video like a ‘poll’ for clicker type questions and more. You can upload your finished videos to YouTube or save them to your computer or iPad and share via Canvas or Moodle.

Materials needed:

  • Room with good light but no shadows on your background screen • iPad (with Touchcast app downloaded)

  • iPhone (with Touchcast remote app downloaded)

  • iPad tripod (can be bought or rigged up)

  • External iPad microphone (optional)

  • Solid colored light Green or blue bedsheet (or other cloth or poster boards about the size of a full bedsheet wide and half the length)

  • Wear clothing that is any color other than your green screen sheet (more contrast is better)


  1. Find a quiet room for recording. Hang the sheet on the wall so that it is smooth.

  2. Position the iPad on the tripod to record you speaking in front of the sheet. Use your iPhone as a remote to change Touchcast settings. Plug in external mic for better sound quality.

  3. Open Touchcast app and go!

  4. Upload a photo or video for your background, or use a Touchcast template to make it look like you are in a news studio or in front of the ocean, or any interesting place. You can add in your PowerPoint slides so that they are very large behind you like in a conference hall, or make yourself larger in comparison.

Example videos by Karen Cangialosi:

Turning earth video

News Studio

Still photo background with slides

Conference hall

Ocean Waves

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0